This is me coming out, joining the vast community of humans declaring to the public their hidden tabiaz. Which will call for judgment (hello you judgy person, I have some tea😏), and bashment (sounds like that song Nazizi and Wyre did with the BASHMENT CREW which was fire(actually this was the name of the song?).

So, I think I lie when I say I love books. And it breaks my heart because I ACTUALLY LOVE BOOKS but WHY CAN’T I JUST READ ONE AND FINISH??!

I have like -lemme do a quick check-100 BOOKS in soft copy on my laptop, and about same number on my Google Drive, shared by a BOOK CLUB I am part of but cannot contribute to discussions because I am not reading the books!😒

Last week a friend texted me, our conversation went something like this;

GEE: Why you not writing anything lately?

ME: I guess coz I’ve not read anything lately.

GEE: Why? You don’t have books?

ME: I think I am just going through a phase.

GEE: Which is?

ME: Early 20s Crisis.

GEE: 😂😂😂

ME: Yeah. Really putting me down.

GEE: Snap out of it. Not helping you, really. Just snap out of it.


It hurt so much, guys! You know I was kinda expecting him to babysit ma feelings and tell me I’ll be fine, but he just went HAM and said it like it is(which is why he’s my friend, really).

I am currently reading I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart, a book I should have finished in a max 4 days considering it’s not that big, and this time frame is if I have other errands to run, so not giving it attention full time. But guess what, it’s a week, I haven’t read half the damn book!

And this book is good! It is hilarious, with priceless life lessons (especially for creatives), eye-opening, IT IS THE BOOK OF THE YEAR! So why can’t I just read it and finish?

Have you gone through a phase like this before? What did you do? How did you get your mojo back? What’s the secret? Am I just slacking or could it be that I am ACTUALLY going through an early life crisis(yes, this exists because I could be going through it).

Or do I just need to snap out of it?





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