Over the weekend I was having lunch at a restaurant in Nairobi’s CBD and happened to listen in to a conversation the girls next to me were having about the different ways females nowadays apply their makeup, and how much of it is too much. Now these girls were having makeup on their faces, which, according to them, was the standard by which all facial makeup should be applied, or something along those lines. Being one who thrives in judging those who are quick to judge others, I paused chewing my food for a while so I could listen in well.

‘Girls who use purple eyeshadow are just looking for attention!’ one girl quipped.

‘Kwanza why do people buy black lipsticks! That’s just hideous!’ the other said.

‘Makeup should be subtle, like yours! No one should notice. You face should not be hidden behind a coat of colours!’

Now this last point kinda made sense to me, but then again I ask, what if the owner of the face is actually trying to hide their real face? People apply makeup for different reasons, no?

Anyway, this is where I have a problem. When you start having a problem with people doing the EXACT SAME thing you do, but doing it differently.

I have listened to such a conversation many times before, you know, where we are all guilty of doing a particular thing, but we don’t like the fact that there’s someone who can dare do it different from us. It is like we say, ‘They should be like me. They should do stuff like me. They should ask me first. They are answerable to me.’

It is fine to believe in our ways of doing things, but it is not fine to think that our way is the only way. I am not advocating for excessive application of makeup on any female’s face, but if that is what works for them, fine with me! I find more pleasure is getting angry at people who are actually causing real harm to other humans, like terrorists for instance, and rapists, and employers that have jobs for a ’23 year old with 5 years experience’, and pickpockets who just won’t let me prosper, and hotels that cook poor overpriced foods. I have a problem with these people, but not someone who decides not to have maroon lipstick like me, and instead go for black. Or the girl who prefers to have Brazillian hair instead of dreadlocks like mine. Do you girl, do you! Feel free to be unapologetically yourself! None of us has all the answers, and I will not make you feel like I do.

If the choices of another person do not make another suffer, or rob someone of their deserved rights, or make another uncomfortable (like you have to walk with the girl in red hair that you don’t like, HAHA!), then let them be. If it looks funny (and I find a lot of excessively painted faces looking like clowns, which is really funny to me), Laugh Out Loud at it and move on. Learn to laugh out loud at a lot of things, and move on.

It’s never that serious.


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