It’s a fresh new week. A brand new year. I’ve been going through my Facebook timeline and it’s amazing that most people think making new year resolutions is all a stupid game. Apparently, no one ever follows up on the promises they make to themselves! So we all decide to give up?

You know, we can’t live the same way we did last year if we are looking forward to different results at the end of this year. You cannot scream, ‘I’m the same old me!’ and then you start getting pissed when you keep repeating the same mistakes and learning nothing new.

We cannot say, ‘It’s just the dates that have changed’ when we know it’s the dates we live for. Our birthdays, our anniversaries, the next General Election, the ten years experience employers ask for, the fact the you’re a child or a youth or middle-aged. It is the dates. These things happen and change depending on the dates. When the dates change, life changes.

Thirteen years ago, I lost someone very dear to me. For the first time, we had not had a normal Christmas(normal here is all the merry making that comes with the day), because she was admitted in hospital, and every other year, she had been the life of our Christmas. She would do the cooking, buy us gifts and fancy toys, and even hire a photographer to take photos of us throughout the day(I still have photos of the last Christmas we celebrated together).

So Christmas came and went and we were getting afraid that she might usher in the new year in hospital. We wanted her home.

At around midnight, December 31st 2002, just as the new year dawned and people were counting the minutes, she took her last breath.

We had been waiting for her, praying that with the dawn of a new year she gets a new lease of life, but she never made it. She never came back home. She never got a chance to count the minutes backwards, and scream ‘Happy New Year!’ at the birth of 2003.

That was a woman with hopes and dreams. A woman with kids looking up to her, and a husband waiting upon her. She never made it.

On every 1st January, I celebrate her. I celebrate her for all she was to me, and for all she taught me. I celebrate her for the memories we shared( like the day I stole her lipstick and she asks if it’s because I have found a boyfriend. I was only six).

Most importantly, I celebrate her for teaching me it is not just a change of dates, it is my life. It is all I have. I don’t have tomorrow guaranteed, or even the next minute, I have now.

If you made it to 2016 don’t go through it slipping on the same stones and falling on the same ground. It would be very unfortunate if this time next year you’re still the same person, at the same place.

I did not exist before 10th January 1994, and I know in the same way, I will one day cease to exist. But at this moment, right now, the ball is in my hands!

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Hi! My name is Lovine Christine Mboya. If you ask me to tell you about me, I would rather write about it, because I am still trying to find myself, and might need to edit and maybe change the whole script. I was born 23 years ago. I love life. I wish I was immortal. And then also have the power to heal people. Not just from physical pain, but mental, emotional. I am a daughter. A sister. A friend. A fierce lover. A girl on a mission. Easy. I laugh a lot. But that's because I find most things funny. Welcome to my blog!


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