Magode is a Nairobi based Kenyan hip-hop artist. He has worked with big names like Kitusewer, Proto and Vioxi. Here’s a one-on-one with him about his music;


When did u venture into music; I started rapping in primary school and later on in high school started writing my own music. I officially ventured into the industry in 2013.

What inspires you; Life generally inspires me, people go through so much daily and I feel blessed to be able to put it down in music.

Why hip-hop; Well, hip-hop is real. You cannot fake this genre. The intellect and creativity required is something that can only be achieved by someone who’s real about it.

What are you working on currently; Right now am working on my debut album which will be released soon. You can look out for artists like Wordz, Cafu, Maneno, Mutant, Illicit and Proto who’ll be featured.

How many singles do u have out; I currently have two singles out.

What do u think is the future of hiphop music; Hip-hop music is already in its future. If we are talking about tomorrow then that will be determined by the artists who’ll be keeping it fresh and real at that time.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now; Magode will just be Magode, with many more people playing and appreciating his music.

Away from music, what else are you involved in; I work with a company that supplies meat, and I have a business in Kitale.

Your advice to other young artists; Let your music represent you. Always keep it real.

You can access Magode’s music on

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