Today, I remember that time a woman shouted at me, saying, “With that mouth, you will never get married!”
Let me tell you how we got there with her;
My ex-boyfriend had suggested we drive down to his shagz, he’d just gotten a new ride and was excited to show it off to the family, or something along those lines. So we drove down to Kamba-land. On our way back, the car couldn’t survive the rocky terrain, and broke down. It was around 11AM in the morning. We had to call for help, and a friend sent a lorry(LOL!) to come pull us to Wote town, where we were to find a mechanic.

We waited for a mechanic for hours. I was hungry, and nothing had been done on the car yet. It was a Sunday, and apparently most people in that town close business? We waited, and waited some more. Until a man with a classic 80s car of a model/make I can’t remember (yeah, now you know I didn’t really know cars then, but imagine I’ve improved!) offered to tow us(tow is the right word? Like a tow truck?) to the next town to see if we’d get a mechanic. By this time we’d spent almost all the money we had on us, paying the lorry, and now paying this guy, and still the costs for repairs were estimated to be slightly over 10k, cz a car doctor had diagnosed there’s something we needed to replace in the car. Money we didn’t have, really.

So the classic man takes us to the next town (I think it was Makueni town itself) and luckily we get mechanics who are still at work. They diagnose the same thing. Problem comes in when they say the part that needs to be replaced can only be found in Nairobi. The owner of the garage is in Nairobi but will be traveling to the town in a few hours, so if we can wait, they’ll be able to sort us out. It’s 6.30PM!

We looked for the nearest fast food joint and grabbed something. Then slept in the car doing the long wait. We were actually mentally prepared to spend the night in the car, only for one of the mechanics to tell us it’s not safe. That we should get a hotel for the night, they’ll take care of the car. We didn’t even have extra money for paying hotel accommodation, LOL, that car was taking everything! (And to think that I’d said no to buying a car when we are not ready! I really wanted to give ex-bae a piece of my mind that night but I could see he was depressed enough).

So we got a cheap lodging, with dusty bed sheets and cold shower and those cheap, dusty toilet papers that come in different colors. SIGH. It was so bad but I was so tired and just wanted to rest. And here’s where the loud woman comes in.

The morning after, ex-bae woke up very early to go check on his car. I slept a little more, like 30 minutes more, then woke up to prepare. This woman I don’t know, but who apparently comes every morning to clean the rooms, asks me RUDELY to vacate the room. My craziness alarm goes off, but I ignore her. I wanna be a good person cz we in a town I don’t know and we having problems. She is with other women now, I’m in the room dressing, the she says, ‘were toka nje nifanye kazi yangu! Si umeshalipwa!’

It dawns on me. This woman thinks I’m a prostitute and wasting her time to clean up after me. But even if I was, why would you talk to me like that? Who are you, woman?

Mahn I was down for this war. Ex-bae had to be called to take his girlfriend away. If that is what that town wants to remember me for, then let it be, because that’s bullshit. You don’t even know me, why you start hating and attacking me? Imma drag you down the streets by your hair, woman.

I felt bad afterwards, really bad actually. Cz I don’t like wars! Why can’t we just be peaceful and respect each other? Why can’t we be polite, even if you think the other person is doing a job you totally abhor? Like so what if she’s a prostitute, is your dudu missing and she might have took it? Don’t you think as a parent, a sibling, a people we might be playing a big role in people ending up how they are?

Anyway, the woman said what she said.

I’m getting married soon. Whether she likes it or not. I just haven’t found the ONE 🙂


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