I am shocked by the number of media reports of spouses killing each other. It has been one news article after the other, details of one cold blood murder after the other. It is sickening.

What is happening to us? What has taken over us? Has it become this bad in marriages? No, honestly tell me, if you are married, is it so bad?

I feel sad, and at the same time afraid that we might have reached a point in the human race, where animals are better at handling relationships than we are. We no longer have solid conversations with each other, we meet up at caffes to take pictures for Instagram and Facebook, we no longer talk about how we really feel  inside, we objectify persons. We don’t value friendships, but only want people we can use for something, to get somewhere, to be someone. We are turning out to be a desperate generation. Desperate for attention, desperate for love, desperate for fame. We will do anything to get there. It doesn’t matter if it is a friend or family that has to go down.

I feel it is this hunger, and anger and confusion, that many of us walk with into marriages. Judging from details of the spousal murders reports, it is not the old folks(our parents, if you’re a youth) that are ripping each others’ throats open, it is us, the young generation.

In November last year a young man slashed his wife’s throat open IN the presence of their little children. Then he went ahead and hang himself, again, as the little ones watched. A few hours later when neighbors barged into the house, they found the smallest baby trying to suckle his dead mother’s breast. It is heart wrenching, but there’s more. Around the same time, a young police officer in Embu had pulled the trigger on his wife before doing the same to himself. Again, as we ushered in the new year, a man in Embakasi killed his girlfriend, cold blood, and fled the scene, according to media reports.

Now, we know that fifty percent of marriages in the modern world end within the first year, and closer home, there’s a divorce case in court everyday. You know what, I’d rather the rate of divorce cases be on the rise than the rate of murder cases in marriages gone wrong. If the kitchen is too hot, walk out. I know it’s not a fairer devil, but killing your spouse? No.

I am not married yet so maybe I do not understand. Maybe I don’t see what you see when you drive that knife into your partner’s stomach. I don’t see what you see when you hang yourself, as your children watch. I don’t know the predicament you were in when you slaughtered your wife, and then each of your children. Someone help me understand.

This is all wrong. The messages we are passing on to each other, and to generations to come, is that of doom. Instead of telling each other what’s on our mind, we would rather tell Facebook. We are an emotionally incapacitated generation. We are paranoid, we are depressed, we are angry, and we want to get married so we can finish it off by finishing someone.

I don’t understand. I don’t get it. Someone talk to me.

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