I accept (and have moved on), that we are at a point where stable solid relationships are dying. I don’t blame this on social media anymore, but on our lack of will to try. We are too busy, too proud, constant worriers of a million small things that we have no time to invest in real relationships. We millennials, have no time.

It is not our fault. One, when we look around we don’t see good examples of successful relationships, or anyone trying to make theirs work. What we see is a generation of adults spitting venomous comments about each other. Men calling Classic 105 saying women are liars, horrible wives and girlfriends with too much make up on their faces and zero character. Women calling in and saying men are cheats, detached spouses with unrealistic demands and no reciprocation. We are busy tearing at each other’s throats that we have no time to pause and find real solutions to these problems.

I saw in the news today that single men will now be able to raise children with surrogate mothers if a new proposal by World Health Organisation(WHO) is passed. If this proposal goes through, bachelors who want to have children but don’t want to marry anyone’s daughter will now be able to have kids, in a no-strings-attached and legal arrangement. No more baby-mama drama, or a woman badmouthing you somewhere for not doing and being enough. You can actually wake up today, decide you want kids, go through the process of acquiring a surrogate, and voila! There you are with a family of your choice. Now tell me, does this make the relationship crisis better or worse?

I was discussing this issue with a colleague and he is of the opinion that by the year 2020, society will consider anyone in a real relationship weird, romantic love will be a word that only exists in novels, and marriage might actually be taboo. You mention getting married and people give you that, ‘seriously? are you alright?’ look. The hook-up generation will rule. As we speak right now statistics show that half of all marriages in the world don’t last, and every day, there’s a divorce case in court. We might as well get to a point where there are no divorce cases in courts at all, because nobody’s getting married!

For those of us who still believe in real love, we stand to lose big time. You hook up with someone and start catching feelings, they walk away. Because they think you are starting to be weird and that’s not what they signed up for.

Solution; Start investing in yourself, so that you don’t run out of fashion when relationships do.

Over to you!


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