Taking Stock .1


It has been ages since I was here.. I know 😥

I’m just glad this space has been waiting patiently…

Thank YOU too for being here. I appreciate you!

So, I want to take stock, which is an idea I picked from TheVeon(Hey Veon! ShoutOut. Fan here 😌 ) it is my first time doing this I’m not so sure how to title this post numerically but oh well, we’ll focus more on keeping it real, aye? I found this idea really important for keeping track, every month, and also noticing the little things that matter. Let’s go;

Making more deliberate choices, only first two months of this year have gone and I’ve had to make THREE major very tough choices! One was walking away from a relationship/situationship that was tearing me apart bit by bit, day by day, until all that was going to be left of me was an angry black woman who’s out to destroy y’all. Ha-ha. Okay, I exaggerate a lil’ bit. But I’m glad for the courage  to say NO and walk away, it was not an easy choice because it was with someone I  think I felt something genuine for, deeply cared about, and would have loved being with, but not all things that look like they can work out really work out, aye? I had said this is my year of saying YES but started with shouting NOs. But you know what? In saying NO to one thing, you are actually saying YES to another. Like, saying NO to disrespect, you say YES to self respect.

Cooking so much flavored tea. Let’s say boiling so much water to make so much Kericho Gold Strawberry Flavored tea! I intend to try out new foods this year, a couple of eat-outs and some try cook my own damn self, so I’m also currently looking up recipes for easy to create meals, then will later graduate to more complex dishes with names I can’t pronounce. My cooking has been for survival for the longest time (apart from my bomb chapoz), but I’m trying to stretch myself a little bit (Oh I went and climbed a mountain to the top! See, I’m really all about stretching myself this year).

Drinking beer. To be honest, I’m in between stopping imbibing on beer to loving my strawberry tea. I don’t so much enjoy beer, I was just at a point where the 10% alcohol content on the label got my attention, and kept it. I’m moving past that.

Eating a lot into my own time planning things over and over again. Why am I trying to perfect a skill in my head? I’m talking about my YouTube. So I’m just gonna get back to it and do it. It will perfect itself along the way.

Reading The Keys by Dj Khaled. I haven’t started yet. I saw a friend share snippets of quotes from the book and got interested. He(my friend, not Khaled, but hey Khaled, would you like to  be friend too? 😌) asked I give him a good reason why he should give me the book and I thought, well, I feel stuck right now, I want a way out(not out of this life. Just this little mess). So I would really do with a book titled THE KEYS. I need these doors opened mahn. Ha. My solution could be lying inside the pages of Dj Khaled’s book. I will tell you guys all about it after I finish reading.

Wearing red undergarments(see me trying to be polite. It is red bras and panties! HA). I have been for the longest time. My favorite color is red, but then also because red undergarments are super functional. Like, they can be for anything, any occasion. Bored, just wear red, Auntie Flo came to visit, red is perfect, matches the blood. Thinking of getting stroked down low today, shave, and wear red. Perfect. See how super functional this color is? I recently got a pair of red shoes to match my red undergarmentrs on the outside, and I was all mushy about them when a male friend commented, ‘red is a flattering color’. I was like YAAAS! That’s what I’m saying (I had to mention he is male because it is generally assumed men are color blind and don’t care about colors. His favorite color could be magenta, or fuschia. I don’t know what those are).

Wanting to travel so much! And I’m glad from December last year God has granted me the opportunity to travel around Kenya a little bit. Just a little bit, but more than I have in a span of 3 months ever! We toured Homa-Bay County with family and our journey got featured in Silverstone Air’s in-flight magazine(WOOOOP!), then we went down(or up? Ha) to Soysambu Conservancy, and most recently to climb up Mount Suswa. I’m grateful. I don’t take it for granted ❤️️

Playing Simi’s music! Thank you Jesus for Simi. Bless her soul. Bless her voice. May she live long. My favorite tracks have to be Smile For Me, Gone For Good, Complete Me and Love Don’t Care.

Listening to Simi. Please do as well. Thanks.

Loving my curtains! This is so petty haha. But everytime someone comes over to my place, the first thing they say is how much they love my curtains, and where they can get some like these. I never really thought they were super good at first, I was just like, these will match the seats perfectly so… Apparently they are bomb? Fantastic! What annoys me a little about them now is I moved houses and the walls here are pink and the curtains contrasts SHARPLY against that pink so they kinda look a bit weird but I’ll  survive. I’m also not about repainting walls and wallpapering yet cz I haven’t lived in one place more than 3 months, yet. Modern day nomad. If I last here (I’m praying I do), Ill see if can redo a few things(will share why I’m always moving soon 🙂.

Dreaming of blogging consistently this year. And also doing YouTube consistently. And seeing good results!

Enjoying my friends’ and family company more. I used to be quite the loner, like, I’m fine on my own, I want to be alone type of person, but lately I’m really enjoying spending time with a few close people. Talking about things with them, sharing, eating together, laughing together, travelling together, sleeping next to each other. I find that I’m appreciating the people in my life more this year. I am not an island, I don’t want to live like one.

Needing money. Even a little of it. If you owe can you please pay back? 😜 Thanks.

Smelling rain. It’s been pouring a lot lately, and I leave my windows open so the breeze can flow in. Sometimes I smell the sand, sometimes it’s just dust, but it’s all rain at the end of the day.

Following BLAZE BYOB Tv Show. Isn’t this the best thing to happen on Kenyan TV this year yet? So informative, educative, eye-opening, challenging(like I feel those challenges in my blood and I’m not even a contestant), and the best bit is that it is for us the millennials, by us the millennials. I love it! I can totally relate with those young people going through the tests and trials to prove they are the ultimate boss!

Appreciating family and friends. Especially family. When all is said and done, they’ll be the ones left for you. Most of the time.

Understanding God’s plan for my life. I don’t know what it is exactly but I feel God is trying to speak to me. I am  paying attention.

Feeling grateful! I don’t take anything for granted.

So, this is it.

I feel so much better having put everything into perspective. I could do with this activity ever month really. We’ll see how that turns out.


See you in my next post, sawa? 😉





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