Yeeih!I just finished reading my third book of 2017 and I’m so grateful for making the decision to read RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki this early in the year! I’m unable to fully express the joy I feel, not because I finished reading a book, but for the immense, profound, lessons I have learnt. Next step is putting them in practice. But first, I would like to share with you something from the book that really touched me, changed how I look at life, at my talents, at the choices I make.

In Chapter 7 of the book, Robert narrates an experience he had with a newspaper journalist in Singapore. In between his interview with the young lady, she mentioned that she would like to be a best-selling author like Robert. He asked her what it is that is holding her back from being the best.

‘Everyone says that my novels are excellent, but nothing happens, ‘she said, and went on to ask Robert for advice.

Robert suggested she attends a sales-training school, so she can learn how to sell her books. The journalist was furious.

‘I have a master’s degree in English Literature, why would I go to school to learn to be a salesperson? I am a professional. I went to school to be trained in a profession so that I don’t have to be a sales person! I hate salespeople. All they want is money. So tell me why I should study sales?’ she was clearly outraged that of all ideas Robert could offer her, was to ’lower’ herself to studying sales. Didn’t he know how well educated and mentally equipped she was for better jobs and not lowly professions like sales?

Robert calmly pointed at her notes, referring to the part where she’d written his title;ROBERT KIYOSAKI; BEST SELLING AUTHOR.

At first, she didn’t understand what he was getting at. Then he explained,’ It says best-selling author, not best ‘writing’ author. I am a terrible writer, you are a great writer. I went to sales school, you have a masters degree. Put them together and you get a best-selling author and a best-writing author.’


Immediately after reading that part I asked myself; how many times have I said I am good at doing this, so I don’t need to learn the marketing bit, that eventually my ‘good’ work will just get out there, and I’ll be  happy? How many times do we tell ourselves that having great skills is enough, that we forget skills without marketing strategies amounts to just that, skills.

This was a person who had excellent writing skills, had promise, had potential, but remained average as standard writers like Robert(as he described himself)  went on to be ‘BEST-SELLING’ authors!

Talent alone is not enough. This reminds me of a quote that says, ‘Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’. Closer home to this story, when talent refuses to market itself.


It is not enough that you are great at what you are doing. It is not enough that your friends and family give you positive feedback on your work. It is not enough that you write every day, sing so well in the shower, or have an amazing business plan. If your end goal is for the greater masses to consume your product, then being good at it is just the start. Learn sales and marketing strategies. Learn communication skills, negotiation skills, people management skills. These skills will add immense value in propelling you to your end goal.

How many times have we seen people we thought were ‘average’ achieve great things in life as we still struggle to get there? I am certain there are people in your circle that are perfect examples! Once upon a time we told ourselves, ‘S/he is not as talented in this as I am, I stand more chance at making it far than they are’, then they go ahead and become great as we continue waiting for ‘just talent’ to pay off.

Get to work.

If this message is not enough to get us started and going with zeal and zest, then I don’t what really should give us the push.

Be more than just talent!

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  1. Exactly. Well put. Talent alone doesn’t put food on the table. Talent can’t acquire you wealth. Talented hard working individuals do great.
    Nice read Ms. Mboya


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