Lovine Mboya, (as in me) first morning in Rwanda!

Hello, thank you for falling for this clickbait title😝

No, wait, honestly, I visited Rwanda recently, and yes, I met someone amazing. Just not in the way you think😜.

First things first, SOCIAL MEDIA HAS TAKEN OVER. Social media took me to Rwanda. How amazing😉. Like, I first got to interact with the organizer of the event on Facebook, last year, and at that time he was running a competition asking those of us who use WordPress to say something about our blogs, I think. I can’t remember exactly what the competition was about but I won those sexy WordPress shades anyway.

Later on he mentioned organizing an event happening in Rwanda and my curiosity was piqued. I had never been outside this country and I really wanted this opportunity! So I looked up the event and the company behind it and came up with a few things I can do for them. He said I send an email to the team and they said YES! You should have seen how super excited I was.

Jagero(Founder CMS AFRICA SUMMIT), Anne Marie and myself at Marriot Hotel, Kigali where the summit happened!

Rwanda is so clean. I know you know that. But I was there and you were not so I’ll tell you. Ha!

It’s also a very interesting country. That is, if you’ve lived in a fast-paced super busy and full of life country like Kenya. It is kinda like going to shagz and having a ka-small but really developed town where you can do things like banking and eating hot samosas in nice resturants and stuff.  Like, it’s a bit silent, playing cool and charming. I think. No one shoves past you in the streets, no bodaboda men yelling at people, no motorists disobeying traffic lights, no matatus zooming past each other with loud music blasting from the speakers. Rwanda to me was like that clean, nice and suave young man trying to woo you. He’s not rich, but he has a plan and a bright future ahead. He also won’t cheat (Insert evil laughter). Kenya is a boy that will openly and thoroughly cheat on you, also very rich but it’s his dad’s money and very disrespectful of elders. But he’s got game so you won’t leave.

See how I decided to slay at the summit! Ha!

The airbnb we were staying at was amazing! Then I didn’t take pictures of it. Because I’m such an amazing journalist and did such an amazing job of not covering my experience. SMH. So disappointed with myself on that front.

Anyway. One of the things I was doing was covering the event LIVE for the company on their social platforms, and also interviewing speakers and other delegates. Basically source content, get content, edit content, put it out there. You can hire me for that 😉

Amazing discussions with the panel at #CMSAfrica18!

I met so many amazing people. From Solomon from Uganda who was also the MC, a very funny guy. What comes to mind when I remember Solo is when we were on our way to their airbnb and our driver plays Asa’s Jailer. In that song Asa sings, ‘I’m a prisoner, you’re a prisoner too. I’m in chains you’re in chains, your’e in chains too. I will die, but yourself will die too…’ After listening to the song for a while Solomon says, ‘That song is very petty. So what if I will die too?’ HA! I found that really funny. I have never laughed so hard. And I’m yet to hear a crazier review of Asa’s jailer.

Meet Solomon.

Me and Solomon Alvin in the streets of Kigali.

Then there was Sheriiff Balang’ Nyakim! He, this guy. Anne Marie (hey Anne, another amazing person I met from Uganda!) can remember the time Nyakim called us to the bar counter where he was standing, and we wondered what he wanted to tell us because he looked super excited. We get there and Nyakim starts with ‘You know you feminists, let me ask you..’ WHAT?! Yaani Nyakim had called us all the way to start an argument on feminism😂 No way did I come to Rwanda for this. We laughed, and had to leave. He’s an amazing guy though, with interesting tales, and arguments on feminism. Ha.

Meet Nyakim.

Me and Nyakim in the streets of Kigali!

I did not get to take individual pictures with every amazing person I met, but Rwanda was amazing. Okay, I use the word amazing a lot. Promise I’ll drop it in my next post. There are people I met (amazing people)and we didn’t get to freeze the memories in pictures, but know you are all dear to my heart. You made my first time outside my country all so worthwhile and very memorable.

From left, Aswani, me, Osbert, Shehu and Anne Marie.

All of you, are the ‘someone’ I was talking about in the title.

Thanks for passing by here 🙂




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