What do you want in life?

I was faced with the daunting task of answering this question a few days ago, and I admit that I struggled (still do) to come up with a concrete answer.

This question is same as asking someone, what is life to you? What is your end goal? Why are you living? Who are you?

It is a blanket question pregnant with so many other questions inside of it, that you might not immediately know what to say when faced with it.

You are being asked about your very existence, your purpose, your journey.  Factors which often change. Do you want the same things you wanted yesterday? Are you the same person you were yesterday? Are you still traveling the same path? No!

What do I want? I want to be happy.

‘What makes you happy?’ he asked.

I had reached a dead end. First, because I could see the myriad of questions this single one potentially will lead to, and also because I suddenly realized that the things that make me happy, also make me sad.

I would have listed good friends here, but then how many friendships have I been able to nurture and keep? Am I a good friend myself?  I would say a good home. But how many times have I walked away from the comfort of home in search of adventure? In search of life? Then I would say money. Yaay! How many times have I walked away from an opportunity that promised loads of cash because it wasn’t really what I want to spend my life doing?

Is it really these things? Can happiness be put in a box? Can the checklist of what we want in life stay the same, even 24 hours later?

We say, if I have this I will be happy. Then we have it and we are not happy, YET. Then we say another thing will make us happy, then we get it and are happy, only to last till we desire something else that will make us even happier. Something else that will give our lies more meaning. A higher ground, a better living, the WHY to our existence.

Please tell me, what do you want? What are you seeking for in life?

I posed this question to a couple of friends, and every answer given pointed towards the human desire to just be happy. I want a happy family. I want a good job. I want peace of mind. I want good friends. I want good company. In answering this question, everyone was answering the accompanying question; What makes you happy?

I pass the baton over to you. Tell me, what do you seek?

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