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The Man Behind Uganda’s Creative Scene- Wabwire’s Story


I am standing at the far corner of the room, trying to record each speaker’s speech with my phone. We are at K-Lab in Kigali, holding a brief introduction meeting with CMS Africa Summit speakers for the event slated to begin the following day. Jagero, the founder, introduces each speaker, and allows them about 5 minutes each to talk about themselves. He gets to Wabwire, and when Wa’ stands up, my interest is immediately piqued. It could be his brightly printed shirt. Or his sisal hat that tells you he is into the arts before he even speaks. Or the confidence in his gait and posture, and the way he captures the room with his presence. I listen to his introduction, and later walk up to him and ask the most basic question; tell me about yourself! And he tells me about having organized the biggest party in Kampala since the year began; the Black Panther party. I am sold.

Wabwire comes off as someone easy to hold a conversation with. In fact, he is willing to do most of the talking, if you keep asking the right questions. He is open, thoughtful, visionary and yet laid back at the same time.

‘I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. I chose Law because at that time it looked glamorous to me. We are in a society where particular professions hold more respect than others, so in choosing careers most of us are influenced to go with the more respectable ones. I wanted it, but looking back I think I didn’t choose it for passion, but because it was going to make me feel accomplished.’

How exactly does a lawyer-to-be shift from donning suits and speaking law jargon to wearing a sisal hat and representing budding creatives at an international event?

‘I have the type of personality that asks of me to always be around people, doing things together, creating. This naturally attracted me to people in the creative industry. They are constantly curious, very observant, and innovative. With this crowd I felt at home. And I started doing the things they do; attending their events. Before I knew it, I was thinking of ways- together with my network- we can make the creative industry bigger in Uganda.’

Wabwire says that coming up with ideas was the easy part. Now getting down to business required more stamina.

‘My friends and I came up with a couple of ideas, and one of them was KQ Hub Africa. This is a virtual space where creatives can come together to share their work and network.’

Then Black Panther the movie happened.

‘I watched the movie and immediately fell in love with the message. Black Panther spoke to so many of us, especially now we were trying to change narratives about the creative space in Africa. Black Panther showed us it is possible, not just to change the narrative in my space, but the bigger picture as an African.’

How was the process putting together a party to celebrate the movie?

‘My team and I were greatly inspired by that movie. So we decided to bring people together and celebrate our African fashion, music and culture. People really showed up for the party, whether you had watched the movie or not. This was more about us, as Africans, inspired by the movie.’

Wabwire, sitting on the throne, at the Black Panther party in Uganda.

I ask Wabwire how the creative space in Uganda is, seeing as creatives in Kenya have come up in large numbers and are doing amazing work.

‘The creative space in Uganda is quite vibrant. If you attend the events you can feel the good energy in people. What we need is support, from the government and of course from friends and families. It starts by coming to the events, purchasing the tickets.’

Wabwire was born in Busia, right at the border of Uganda and Kenya. He describes his parents as very hardworking and resilient, which inspired similar traits in him.

‘My family has supported me throughout this roller-coaster. I do not take that for granted because I do not underestimate the importance of having supportive people around you. Millions of dreams have been crushed because of lack of support.’

What are you currently working on?

The Black Panther party gave birth to UBUNTU RAVE: A Celebration of African Culture. We have partnered with a number of institutions to continue celebrating the African spirit; our culture, our fashion, our film, music and dance. We are beautifully, diversely endowed as a continent and that is what we look forward to celebrating.’

Wabwire and team also conduct an event dubbed Creative Talks Africa every second Friday of the month, where they offer space for creatives to network over food, drinks, and good music. Creative Talks Africa is set to launch in Kenya soon.

Creative Talks Africa in session

‘We look forward to a day when these projects will be up and running across the continent. That is the dream.’

What have you learnt in your journey so far?

‘The company you keep influences a lot. I became a creative because of the people I associated with, and everything I have been part of is a result of a collective effort. You become a sum total of the people you spend a lot of time with. Choose wisely.’

What happens to the Law Degree Wabwire?

‘I am going through with it to the end. But of course I will not spend a great deal of time regurgitating a bunch of colonial law reports, and case studies. I am happy with what I am doing as a creative, and this is what I intend to do with my life.’


Exciting News; We Have Been Featured in The Media 5 Times Now!

See the glow! Ha.

Should I start by listing my favorite quotes? 😁

But fam, the work we are doing here (I’m saying ‘we’ because I write and you faithfully read!😊) has been recognized and featured, 5 DIFFERENT TIMES! In five different media outlets. I am so proud of us! So. Proud. We’ve always known we are on the right track, right? 😉 and these media features are an affirmation that we INDEED ARE.

Without further ado, see us! 😁


See the glow! Ha.










There! What next? We continue putting in the work and the good stuff shall come, yes?

Thank you for always reading content on this blog, and sharing, and most importantly, allowing me to do your stories! You are the REAL MVPS!

Asanteni. Erokamano. Blessings upon you.


Say Amen..😉





#QuickTen With Founder of JoomSchool International, AK SHEHU!


Ak Shehu is a lecturer, an ICT trainer, an author, Educational Consultant and International Speaker. 

Ak Shehu, speaking at CMS AFRICA 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

I am.. Abdulkadir Shehu but popularly called AK SHEHU. I am a Nigerian, a Muslim who was born and brought up in Nigeria but currently living in Malaysia. I am happily married with two lovely kids. It is often difficult for me to describe myself, but I can say I am an easy going and friendly person who loves sharing knowledge and experience.

“I am an easy going and friendly person who loves sharing knowledge and experience”

I graduated with.. a First-Class Honors (Business Information Systems) from the University for East London (UEL) and Master of business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University. Currently, I am a full-time lecturer at a College in Malaysia where I teach IT and Business Management modules at undergraduate level. I also supervise Post-graduate and Undergraduate students.
I am the founder and CEO of.. JoomSchool International, a Joomla & ICT Training institution in Kaduna State of Nigeria. Joomla! is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Over the years Joomla! has won several awards. It is built on a model–view–controller web application framework that can be used independently of the CMS that allows you to build powerful online applications. I have been using Joomla! actively since 2010, although I was introduced to it in 2009 by a classmate and a friend who though I should give it a try. After exploring and researching the Joomla! Project, Booooom!!!… I fell I love with Joomla!
Over the years, I have been.. training students and individuals in my country Nigeria and in Malaysia where I live currently. Most times I do my training for free to give back to the community, but I do also have training where I charge some fee – usually a fraction of what other trainers charge. This is because I teach Joomla not for the money but for the fact that I love to share my knowledge with others.

“I teach Joomla not for the money but for the fact that I love to share my knowledge with others”

As part of my interest to share knowledge, I decided to.. put in writing what I know about Joomla in the form of book. Thus, I wrote and published three (3) Books of Joomla within 4 years; Building Websites with Joomla 1.5 in 60 minutes, Building Website with Joomla 2.5: A Game Changer For Young Entrepreneurs, and Building Websites with Joomla! 3.
To help reduce rates of unemployment back in Nigeria.. I conduct Joomla! training whenever I go back to my country (at least once a year. I strongly believed Joomla skills could earn Nigerians a living.

Ak Shehu, center, with other delegates at CMS AFRICA 2018.

On this year’s CMS Africa Conference 2018 held in Kigali, Rwanda.. I was a speaker, and it was my first of such event. It feels great to be part of the conference where young minds come together to share knowledge and network. It gave me hope that Africa will rise again! What motivated me to speak at the conference what state of the African country is bad. The unemployment in Africa is alarming, and little practical effort were given by heads of governments. I find this disheartening and felt I could make an impact by speaking to my brothers and sisters on how we can all reduce this problem that has persisted over decades.

“It feels great to be part of the conference where young minds come together to share knowledge and network. It gave me hope that Africa will rise again!”

Do you think technology is enough when we are talking of solving
unemployment crisis for youths in Africa?.. YES! The world now is revolving round technology and in fact anything you do today is one way or another linked to technology. This signifies a strong potential of technology in Africa. Technology brings about good relationship between productivity and employment; this is to say that if technology is harnessed correctly, youths in Africa will be employed. But this can only be possible with the strong support from the government; because many youths do not have access to technology, so if the government could provide such support it will help a great deal. Again, the government should provide and enabling environment and support the youths with skills empowerment and believe me you will see Wonders!

What are some of the projects you’ve been part of that you are really
proud of.. First, I recently founded JoomSchool International in Kaduna- Nigeria which I hope will empower thousands of youths in Nigeria. I also run a Joomla User Group Kaduna – A group that brings together Joomla users and interested persons to share and learn Joomla in the local community. I also run a Joomla club in my College to help spread the Joomla love among students.I am also very happy to be part of the Joomla Project Translation to my local language which is Hausa to help make Joomla accessible to even more people in Nigeria or any Hausa speaking community around the world. And many other projects.

Cyber Security is one of the conversations we are having in the Tech world. Do you see us getting to a point where there’s cyber peace, and what steps should be taken both by individuals and governments?.. The answer is simple, all persons using the internet should do so ethically, it may be difficult for all to comply but if the majority act ethically, then we can have some peace in the cyber space. On the other hand, governments need to train it staff, have regulators and provide orientations campaigns for public.

What are your hidden talents, away from all the techy stuff.. Hahahaha!I love cooking, I am a very good cook – I will confidently emerge a winner if I ever compete in a cooking competition.

“Unless you do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”

A quote you live by.. Unless you do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

Ak Shehu, second from right, with delegates at #CMSAfrica18. At the far left is the writer of this article 🙂

Going Through D_Bleque’s Phone Gallery..


I am one of those people who, if you give me your phone to see a photo, I will scroll by to the next one. I know it’s bad manners, so I try to do it subtly, like my finger just swiped left by mistake. Ha. But it’s because of the amazing gems you people usually have on your phones and are hiding away from us! Like, for instance, I never knew D_Bleque, who is a hip-hop artist, uses his phone to capture and create such beautiful images! You don’t believe me? Have a look;


They are beautiful images, right? See how much you can do with the gadget you have in hand! D_Bleque is also a hip-hop artist as I mentioned, and he has a new single out, called Classic, which you can sample below;


He Qualifies The Called..

A girl i know who's called by my name :)

Hey! So I know this section of the blog is reserved for your submitted pieces, but I really wanted to talk about this and there’s only 5 main sections on the blog and they are all filled for this round of features so please let me? 😉 Aki thanks! Here goes;


A while back I got featured in a popular women’s magazine, and was very excited to share the news with friends and family, quick to ask them to grab a copy. I shared the feature on my Facebook, and of course well-meaning comments and DMs followed. One of the DMs was from a friend. She wrote, ‘It has happened for you so fast…’

For a moment I was a little taken aback, considering I had been trying my hand at blogging for about 3 years now, and at some point it was the only thing that I had going on for me.  Also considering that all through this period, it wasn’t making me any money, at least not directly, but I kept at it. I stayed put on the days I’ve had to wake up at 5AM to edit and publish posts, following up with interviewees to please send in the missing details in their stories, through the… okay, you get it. It has been a road far from smooth.

I could have been mad at her comment, I SHOULD have been mad. What do you mean ‘so fast’? But you know what, she was right.

It had happened for me fast, considering the many amazing writers, and bloggers, who could possibly be putting in more work than I do. Writers who, to the human eye, would have been more deserving for the feature. But you know what, that is exactly the mentality the Israelites in the Bible had when they heard that David was interested in fighting Goliath. In fact, Saul said, ‘You are only a young man, and he (Goliath) has been a warrior since his youth…’

What Saul did not know, was that in as much as David had not been training for THE BIG BATTLE against the Philistines with swords and amour and war songs for motivation, he had been fighting against big beasts in the wilderness as he took care of his father’s sheep.  And David said, ‘The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine…’

I wanted to write this Bible verse in reply to that DM, but it would have been rude, I think, so I let it go.

But this is it, God sees how hard you are trying. He sees how much you are putting in work. He knows what you go through; the early mornings or the late nights. The sweat and tears and worry, and giving up only to re-invent yourself all over again. He is there with you. He never sleeps, He never slumbers. When time comes for Him to reward His children, He looks at all of us with the same loving eyes and touches our lives with the same tender arms.

God might decide to hold this child’s hand today, and it doesn’t mean He does not see this other child, or will not hold their hand next. It is also doesn’t mean the one who, in our human eyes, is the most deserving will be the one called for the job. Life would have been more fair that way, I agree, looking back at all the opportunities I felt I was the best suited but wasn’t picked for.

What I’ve come to accept is that God has a different plan for each of us, and He will never assign an opportunity, or a job, or a role, that was meant for you, to someone else. It will not matter how more deserving the other person is, to our human eye. If He says it is David with his sling and rocks that will kill Goliath, then David it will be.

He will qualify you for the role, and by His Grace, enable you carry out the task.

My sister Vinn tells me this every time, life has no formula. If there was, then it would be just do your best, in every opportunity you get, and leave the rest to Him.


Life After Campus; Reality VS Perception- Victor Kegengo’s Story


‘We all have big dreams of life after school. I thought it would be easy, and looked forward to a well-paying white collar job. A big surprise awaited me.’- Victor Kegengo, a graduate of Business Management.


In 2014, just a few months to completing his Degree course at Masinde Muliro University, Victor Kegengo did what every other soon-to-be graduate does, send out mass job applications. He was excited about the new phase of life that awaited him, the future looked bright, and he felt ready to tackle the job market.

‘It never crossed my mind that getting a job would be too hard. I was hopeful. I had no worries. I maintained a positive spirit with every email I sent out to prospective employers.’

I was hopeful. I had no worries. I maintained a positive spirit with every email I sent out to prospective employers.’

Then last day of school came, and out into the job market he went.

Victor, far right, with friends during their graduation ceremony in 2014.


‘The first six months gave me a quick reality check. No positive response whatsoever from all the thousands of emails I had sent. I decided to take a driving course to while the time away. I was already getting a bit frustrated, as my family was really looking up to me. Here I was, 8-4-4 completed, but what do I have to show for it?’

Here I was, 8-4-4 completed, but what do I have to show for it?

Victor also took up jobs as a waiter at local cafes, which brought in very little income, and he had to seek an alternative.

‘I opted to try my hand in horticulture. I planted cabbages, kales and onions which I sold in local markets in Kisii Town. The first harvest was good, but in the second planting season the rains failed and nothing came out of the toil. I was back to square one.’

Just as he was on the verge of giving up, he got called for a job as a tutor at a college in Kisii Town, where he taught business courses for six months, from June 2014 to Jan 2015. This new job however, could not settle his basic expenses, sometimes not even his Kes.3,000 rented room in Kisii.

‘At some point my landlord threw me out because of accrued rent debts. My mind was working at 300KPH, I desperately needed a way out of the mess of a life I was living. I tried my hand in football gambling and would use any money won to settle debts. I also tried online academic writing which really helped.’

I tried my hand in football gambling and would use any money won to settle debts.

None of these things Victor was doing to make ends meet were what he’d studied for, nor what he wanted to do with his life.

‘I am the first child of my parents. My father is a teacher and my mother did not have any source of income. She had a small farm where she planted food for consumption at home. I have two siblings who are much younger than me. I was the family’s hope.’

Victor remembers that at that time he would look up what some of his campus friends were up to, and would find that some got jobs immediately after campus, others had traveled to other countries for further studies, some were married with stable families while there were those just as jobless and searching as he was.

‘I think just like our fingers, people can never be equal. We are served different dishes at different times in life, and at that time, life had chosen that dish for me.’

I think just like our fingers, people can never be equal. We are served different dishes at different times in life, and at that time, life had chosen that dish for me.

What did he try next?

‘I got an opportunity to do marketing for Keroche Breweries. This was however short-lived after the boss swindled all my dues. I had worked for 3 months without pay. I quit and was back to square one.’

This happened to be last stroke to Victor’s misery and bad luck in the job market.

‘I applied for a job at Tusker Mattresses Limited Trading (brand name Tuskys Supermarket) and started off as an intern, with duties such as assisting around the supermarket, receiving clerk handed to me. I was so determined to make this work and put my best foot forward. Last year I was promoted to supervisor  and currently being trained for a managerial position.’

Victor at work!

This opportunity has definitely been a great relief to Victor Kegengo, but his journey does not stop there.

‘I definitely want more from life. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Finance. Hopefully I’ll be done by the end of the year. I am grateful that life finally smiled on me and I can pay my bills, I do not take it for granted.’

A word for the young people who find themselves in the same situation today?

‘The days of Serikali Saidia are over. The one million jobs promised by the government are a fallacy. But we would appreciate if it(the government) provides an enabling environment to do business as most youth have now embraced entrepreneurship.’

Victor emphasizes on the importance of embracing Internet use in seeking opportunities.

‘There’s so much one can achieve with Facebook and Twitter, including managing such accounts for brands. That is a source of income as you await better opportunities.’

When he’s not busy doing his part in building the nation, Victor Kegengo enjoys  watching wrestling(WWE) on TV.

‘In another life, or maybe just in this one, I would love to pursue Journalism. I have great interest and passion for the media.’

Parting shot?

‘Success is 30% effort and 70% attitude. Work more on your attitude towards life, it could be what’s holding you back.’


I Went To Rwanda, And Met Someone!

From left, Aswani, me, Osbert, Shehu and Anne Marie.
Lovine Mboya, (as in me) first morning in Rwanda!

Hello, thank you for falling for this clickbait title😝

No, wait, honestly, I visited Rwanda recently, and yes, I met someone amazing. Just not in the way you think😜.

First things first, SOCIAL MEDIA HAS TAKEN OVER. Social media took me to Rwanda. How amazing😉. Like, I first got to interact with the organizer of the event on Facebook, last year, and at that time he was running a competition asking those of us who use WordPress to say something about our blogs, I think. I can’t remember exactly what the competition was about but I won those sexy WordPress shades anyway.

Later on he mentioned organizing an event happening in Rwanda and my curiosity was piqued. I had never been outside this country and I really wanted this opportunity! So I looked up the event and the company behind it and came up with a few things I can do for them. He said I send an email to the team and they said YES! You should have seen how super excited I was.

Jagero(Founder CMS AFRICA SUMMIT), Anne Marie and myself at Marriot Hotel, Kigali where the summit happened!

Rwanda is so clean. I know you know that. But I was there and you were not so I’ll tell you. Ha!

It’s also a very interesting country. That is, if you’ve lived in a fast-paced super busy and full of life country like Kenya. It is kinda like going to shagz and having a ka-small but really developed town where you can do things like banking and eating hot samosas in nice resturants and stuff.  Like, it’s a bit silent, playing cool and charming. I think. No one shoves past you in the streets, no bodaboda men yelling at people, no motorists disobeying traffic lights, no matatus zooming past each other with loud music blasting from the speakers. Rwanda to me was like that clean, nice and suave young man trying to woo you. He’s not rich, but he has a plan and a bright future ahead. He also won’t cheat (Insert evil laughter). Kenya is a boy that will openly and thoroughly cheat on you, also very rich but it’s his dad’s money and very disrespectful of elders. But he’s got game so you won’t leave.

See how I decided to slay at the summit! Ha!

The airbnb we were staying at was amazing! Then I didn’t take pictures of it. Because I’m such an amazing journalist and did such an amazing job of not covering my experience. SMH. So disappointed with myself on that front.

Anyway. One of the things I was doing was covering the event LIVE for the company on their social platforms, and also interviewing speakers and other delegates. Basically source content, get content, edit content, put it out there. You can hire me for that 😉

Amazing discussions with the panel at #CMSAfrica18!

I met so many amazing people. From Solomon from Uganda who was also the MC, a very funny guy. What comes to mind when I remember Solo is when we were on our way to their airbnb and our driver plays Asa’s Jailer. In that song Asa sings, ‘I’m a prisoner, you’re a prisoner too. I’m in chains you’re in chains, your’e in chains too. I will die, but yourself will die too…’ After listening to the song for a while Solomon says, ‘That song is very petty. So what if I will die too?’ HA! I found that really funny. I have never laughed so hard. And I’m yet to hear a crazier review of Asa’s jailer.

Meet Solomon.

Me and Solomon Alvin in the streets of Kigali.

Then there was Sheriiff Balang’ Nyakim! He, this guy. Anne Marie (hey Anne, another amazing person I met from Uganda!) can remember the time Nyakim called us to the bar counter where he was standing, and we wondered what he wanted to tell us because he looked super excited. We get there and Nyakim starts with ‘You know you feminists, let me ask you..’ WHAT?! Yaani Nyakim had called us all the way to start an argument on feminism😂 No way did I come to Rwanda for this. We laughed, and had to leave. He’s an amazing guy though, with interesting tales, and arguments on feminism. Ha.

Meet Nyakim.

Me and Nyakim in the streets of Kigali!

I did not get to take individual pictures with every amazing person I met, but Rwanda was amazing. Okay, I use the word amazing a lot. Promise I’ll drop it in my next post. There are people I met (amazing people)and we didn’t get to freeze the memories in pictures, but know you are all dear to my heart. You made my first time outside my country all so worthwhile and very memorable.

From left, Aswani, me, Osbert, Shehu and Anne Marie.

All of you, are the ‘someone’ I was talking about in the title.

Thanks for passing by here 🙂



#QUICKTEN With Uganda’s Media Strategist Osbert Mwijukye!


My name is Osbert Mwijukye. I am a Web Developer, Digital Media and Brand Communications junkie. I work with Uganda’s leading media house Vision Group as a New Media Executive and Web Developer. I also freelance as a web developer in my extra time.

Osbert(in white) at #CMSAFRICA18 in Kigali, Rwanda.

You recently attended CMS AFRICA SUMMIT held in Kigali, Rwanda, tell us about that… I have attended CMS Africa Summit from its first editions. As a young University student, I was seeking what direction my Computer Science career would take, and happened to learn about CMS Africa Summit during Joomla Day Uganda, 2014.  Fred Abunyanga, CEO Webstar Uganda, was talking about it and said he could talk to the founder, Jagero, on the possibility of a sponsorship. I immediately contacted Jagero myself and he was glad to support me.  This opportunity opened doors for me and I got to participate in the 2015 Joomla World Conference in India on a sponsorship. Events likes CMS Africa Summit are always a learning experience for me, and an opportunity to network and build new relationships.

This opportunity opened doors for me and I got to participate in the 2015 Joomla World Conference in India on a sponsorship.

I think social media is… important to brands for purposes of making sales, growing audiences, informing and educating the public. Also for entertainment purposes. I have been managing brand accounts for 5 years now, currently working as a Social Media/New Media Executive with Uganda’s leading Media house.

On Cyber Security… I think security measures to counter Cyber Attacks are created by human beings and so they can easily be breached by same humans. We are not really safe.

Life as a young person in Uganda… is a bit tough, just like anywhere else. Few job opportunities, high cost of living, and growing life demands. Many look forward to the white collar jobs but are not lucky. Truth is even those of us with those jobs don’t feel as lucky. We are battling financial frustration, dissatisfaction.  There is hardly any job that can satisfy all of one’s needs. I want to create opportunities for those coming after me, so no one feels the need to turn into criminal activities because they can’t get a white collar job.

I am proud of the fact that… I successfully finished School, and graduated with a First Class Degree in ICT. Also proud when I get positive client feedback on my work. I am happy when they are happy. Also happy about the opportunities that enabled me make friends across the globe, and still counting.

Osbert with his Dad on his graduation day.

Away from work… I enjoy networking, making new friends,, sharing knowledge and challenging myself.

What I love about Kenyan youth is… how they are very aggressive, innovative and resourceful. I appreciate the no need for a VISA to connect to Kenya and vice versa. We can work together and do so much!

Three words that describe me… optimistic, respectful, excellence!


***Osbert was one of the delegates at the the just concluded #CMSAfrica18, details of the summit coming up in next post!

NEW MUSIC ALERT! ||What I’ve Come Across/Listened To.. ||


I have been listening to some new music lately, by amazing young Kenyan artists.  First, I have surprised myself because a few years ago, you would NEVER find me listening to hip-hop music. Who is this girl? I blame my campus housemate Daisy, who had Hip-hop running in her blood and transferred this craze to me.

Today I confidently play and enjoy Hip-hop all by myself!  And look at me even finding upcoming amazing artists to share with you!

Note; Not all the music you are about to sample is Hip-hop😉

They are;

  1. D_bleque

Omoooooosh! Aki I love this guy! Peruce, not in that way 😜 but your babe is churning out fire music! EISH! Aol.

No honestly, I can talk about D_bleque paragraph after paragraph. First starting by the fact  that I never knew, when we were still in campus, that this guy is interested in music! I never saw nor heard him come to class and do some freestyle, so it caught me by surprise that just as we were winding up our studies, he sends me a link to his music! That is not even the main shocker, I played the song, and I was SOLD! Or bought, haha. D_bleque is quality. Finesse. He’s about to cause massive waves in the rap scene in Kenya.  I said it. Wait for it.

Have a taste of him;

2. Myq Tweest

So my cousin Manu hits me up one day and says, hey! Listen to this song. It was Umenimurdah by Twist. I was busy at the time and never really got to open the link. Then a week later he shows up with friends at my place, and introduces one of them as Myq Twist. I catch myself just as I’m about to say, ‘I know you!’. I know he’s an artist, but I hadn’t yet got down to playing his music. They play it right then and there. I think Myq Twist has talent, and I love the fact that he’s churning out new music consistently. Consistency is key. It shows commitment. Here’s what he’s been up-to;

3. G-BOY

G-BOY works so hard, that I must give to him. I haven’t met a more focused, dedicated individual than this guy. Not just in his music, but generally  in all projects he undertakes. He schedules meetings, follows up and shows up. Please tell me what else a man has to do to show the gods he is ready and wiling! Song after song after song. I have been following. And G, you’ll get there J

Oh, he recently just collabo’d with a Zambian artist on a new song and I’m looking forward to the video for that! Sample Gboy here

4. Ben Cyco

I saw Ben in a YouTube video of a vlogger I follow, and I thought he’s cute. HE IS HER BOYFRIEND. That was all I knew of him then recently, I was watching TV and saw a familiar face saying, ‘You can now find my music on Viusasa’. What?! I know this guy! I thought. Of course, not personally. I tried to remember where’d I’d seen his face and remembered the girlfriend! First I was shocked that he sings! Since when? Second, GOSPEL MUSIC?! I quickly typed his name in my YouTube tab. Guys, he has GOOOD music! I understand he might not be an upcoming artist per se, but to me he is because I’d never heard of his music anywhere and I live in this country! Lol. He has been interviewed on KISS FM and HOT 96. Probably has received even more media coverage.  He deserves it. My favorite from him;


Who are you listening to currently? What do you think of these new artists? What would you recommend I listen to next?



Distractions; a Guide to Escaping Toxic Relationships- GUEST POST/REBLOG by Clarie


I have been reading new material, scavenging for fresh content to feed my mind in the last few days. One of the new blogs(new because it was my first time reading it) I came across is Clarie’s( The last time I saw a blog post from Clarie she was on a WordPress free site, glad she moved to .com! Haha. Anyway, Clarie writes so deep, so raw(I understand I have described another writer using these very same words, but-) that I can feel her words in my blood(I did it again, same words😁😁). But Renee and Clarie write beautifully! Anyway, lemme not steal the show, here’s a piece by Clarie; ………………..

But the thing is, I couldn’t be anybody, or potentially have a child with somebody, who could abandon his child. That was my personal boundary, and I had finally found it.
-Tiffany Haddish-
The Last Black Unicorn

You guys. This isn’t about absent fathers. I wanted to quote the part about boundaries but I couldn’t do it without context.

You are watching New Girl at one am on a school night. You can’t fall asleep because every time you close your eyes you remember something he did and your throat is dry from all the crying you’ve done today alone. Besides, Schmidt is hella funny. Your phone chimes, it’s a text from him.

Hey you. I love you. I miss you, have a good night.

You throw your phone against the wall. Your nose is on fire and your legs are trembling. How dare he? What part of your frayed heart is that text supposed to mend? Does he even know how to love people? You should ask him that. You go to pick up your phone and right there on the phone screen, is an accurate representation of your soul; darkness and a big ass crack.

Do you even know how to love people?

Do you realise how insulting this is? Thinking some generic text is going to erase years of emotional abuse?

He really is a good guy, he didn’t mean to hurt you.

I know you don’t do it on purpose, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

At this point, you’re not even sure he gives two shits about your feelings.

I’m so tired of your bullshit.

You don’t want to aggravate him. You want him to reply. Because when all is said and done, he’s the best relationship you’ve had. You just want to talk it out. Because maybe, just maybe, if he sees how badly he’s hurt you, he’ll remember he loves you and will stop doing it.

Hey. I love you. Do you think you can make time to talk?

You both know he isn’t going to reply. Not tonight, not in the next few days.

Your thumb is bleeding when you lock your screen and put it under your pillow. Like everything else you’ve done today, you think if you can just bandage it, if you can avoid aggravating it, maybe it’ll stop hurting. Either way, your pillow is wet and you have a headache when you wake up three hours later.

You’re seated at a restaurant, pretending to read a book but mostly using it to hide involuntary tears. He should have been here an hour ago. You knew he’d be late. You want to choke it up to human error but deep down, you know it’s because he doesn’t value your time. He knows you’ll be there, smiling, when he shows up two hours later, just like you’ve been there for years when he’s disrespected and taken you for granted.
You text your friend:

Do you remember when Schmidt was planning his wedding but he was burnt out so he had to hand Jess his flash drive full of wedding ideas? “Do not reach for it like you’re Winston reaching for a woman’s breast!” I die.😂😂😂

You are laughing so hard, you’re out of breath when he shows up, him, the other reason you’ve been so out of breath lately. He’s with his with friend and without even realizing it, you’re already shrinking yourself to take up only as much space as a third-wheel should.
You speak three words the entire time.
No when he asks you if you want to go somewhere else. You picked this corner table for a reason, damnit!
No when he says you hope he doesn’t mind that he brought along his friend to this private conversation you had to beg him to have.
No when he jokingly asks you to foot the bill.
You pay your share of the bill and when he hugs you and says it was fun hanging out with you, you want to kick him in his balls. Instead you smile and ask him to call you later. You know he won’t. You know you’ll stay up all night waiting for him to.

Schmidt cramped at an anti-gang initiative.


Schmidt is cheating on Cece and Elizabeth. Cece found out.

If you take anything from this, know I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Is that the best you can do Schmidt?

You finally told him how you felt. How loving him has drained you empty. He hasn’t spoken to you in three days. Even after all these years, that still blindsides you. It feels like a fat man is cheating on your chest.
You’re not even worth a text back. All the years you invested in him and in the end, you still don’t deserve a text back.

Schmidt’s new tailor sews like an army medic. He is not being overdramatic when he says he’d rather sit naked on a hot grill.

Your phone chimes. It’s Airtel telling you about the 1GB data bundle for Ksh.99. Your heart plummets. Your hands are shaking. You can feel a panic attack coming.

Please just text me back, even if it’s just to let me know we’re done.
Silence. Screeching, deafening silence.

You suspect that if you were done, he wouldn’t even have the courtesy to tell you. He’d just let you figure it out for yourself.

Schmidt wants to know in what scenario did Winston only touch one of a certain girl’s breasts.

Your phone chimes.

You and I can never be done.

It feels more like prison sentence than an assurance.

You’re not enough. Everything you did and somehow, you’re still not enough.

Schmidt’s is wondering how Winston doesn’t know if he’s made love to a woman.

Here’s the thing about love, you assume it’s mutually exclusive with hurt.
He can love you more than life itself but it doesn’t mean he won’t hurt you.
And the thing about heartbreak is you could be busy as fuck, minding your own business, battling your demons, when this smile like feels like home struts up to you. Before you know it, years have gone by and most of your nights are spent howling at your pillow, clutching your chest wondering why it feels like a bottomless pit of fiery hell.

I’m not a ride or die kind of girl. I refuse to gauge my loyalty by how much bullshit I let slide.

Schmidt’s first name is Winston.


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