Loving Art by DJ Hashu Davansi!

The first thing I noticed about DJ Hashu Davansi (HD) is that he is a jack of all trades 🙂 . He is a portrait artist, painter, photographer, sound technician, and social media marketer(I suspect there’s more 😉 )

And I love his work!

HD says, ‘I am passionate about art. I love learning new things about my area of expertise and ask for help in different sectors so I can get better and grow. I love focusing on art with a message.’

Here are more samples of DJ Hashu Davansi’s work!

Like what he does? Tell us what you think! Which one is your favorite?

Even African inspired beads! Oh wow!

For enquiries, you can reach out to him using the links below..


Over to you! 🙂



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