First of all I am very excited about this piece! I am a huge fan of makeup, of a girl just looking good (slayin? :)). Lemme give you a short story; back in high school, during school funkies, my friends would come over to my dormitory so I could glam them up. I was like the one stop shop for things beauty, from eye pencils, to powder, to perfume. But back then, beauty was limited to a few things, at least in our knowledge it was. It was the powder, then the eye pencil, then the lipstick, and you’re good to go! We didn’t know much about foundations and concealers and primers and all these beautiful things Jane Maina had on display during our shoot for !

Jane Maina at work!

Which explains my excitement to be at the forefront in learning new tricks and tips of matters beauty!

The make-up artist herself!

I first met Jane Maina at an interview we had gone to with a friend of mine (an interview that also changed many things in me, I talked about it on my YouTube channel HERE). Jane was the lady in charge of glamming us all up.

After this amazing job done, I was hooked. I wanted to learn more, and just as I did with my friends back in high school, share with you guys!

I called Jane up and we arranged for a makeup tutorial, which we practiced on a dear friend of ours, Cera Kieha(fashion blogger at Oh, btw, Cera is one of the young women with beautiful stories who really inspire me, I did her story HERE(Click on the link it will open in another tab you can read after this 🙂 ). You will be inspired as well.

Cera Kieha, after getting all glammed up by Jane.

We summarized the tutorial in four simple steps, just to make it easier for you especially if you are starting out, trying out this whole makeup field. But, these four steps have been detailed, if you read all through, you will get tips and tricks that could go a long way in answering your questions on beauty.

Let’s do this!


Cleanse the face… Never apply makeup without cleaning your face (this is to remove dirt and excess oil on the skin. If you just showered this is not necessary). You can go all the way and use water, a mild soap and a soft cloth. Or, you could use soft wipes.

Tip- Then tone your skin(Jane recommends Witch Hazel Cream).

Then, prime the face. Give the primer some time to settle before applying anything else to the face.


Do your eyebrows. How? Draw your brow shape, following your brow line, and ensure both brows have the same shape drawn on. Then, fill in the blank spaces J. Ha-ha. Just kidding. Fill in the brow. In soft light strokes.(note that the upper and the lower line of the brows should be parallel, this ensure the size of the brow is uniform)

Tip- Use a pencil color that matches your hair color a shade lighter.


Clean-up the brow. Using a concealer and an angled brush or a concealer brush line under the brow to cleanup any mess that could have occurred when filling up, the concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your skin tone but not too light. On the upper side of the brow it’s optional but when you do it use your foundation in right shade or a concealer in your skin tone.

Ensure the concealer is fully blended in to avoid having a ‘halo’ effect around the brows.

Then apply a color corrector to light up dark parts of the face.

Theeen…apply your foundation and set it using a setting powder.


Once the face is set, we do the eyes. Note that, you can also start with the eyes then do the face.

For a day look, we opted for simple, minimal makeup. After the foundation, we just added some eyeliner, and soft shade lipstick.

Tip- Apply the eyeliner at the very edge of the lashes line. Blend it in with the lashes.


Apply a finishing powder to finish off the look.

Here is our final look!

Tips- You can add on mascara if you want to, and, the feel free to play around with the lip colour.


For a night look, just a few more add-ons.


Apply a color shade of your choice on the crease of the eyes. Intensify with a darker shade on the outer corner of the lid.

Tip- You could apply some shimmer to the eyelid.

Like this…


Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂

We agreed that next time we will do a video version of this for you guys, so you see it as it happens! In the meantime, pop in to Zequeen Beauty and Photography, at T-Mall, 3rd floor, and Jane will be more than glad to glam you up, and share with you all the makeup tips and tricks you’d like to know!

Also, you can reach her using her social media pages, below!

And please share with me your experience and photos of you all glammed up 🙂

Over to you!


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