I am not so much a food person. Lie. What I mean is I don’t know how to talk about food, not so much a cook (and someone said cooking is therapeutic? Okay), but I love food!!!

So, I will be bringing you tidbits of food I happen to indulge in once in a while, and tell you what I think from my taste buds point of view. I actually rarely let people cook my food, unless certified and verified that what you finally bring to the table is safe for human consumption (unsafe for human consumption includes drowning all the food in two liters of soup).

Small talk aside.


This colorful plate of rice was prepared by my friend Daisy, a quick fix after a long day at work. It is rice fried in oil, onions, tomatoes, hoho(okay, what is hoho is English? Capsicum?), dhania (Coriander?Cilantro?haha), and little droplets of tomato sauce(HAHAHA! Let me just laugh first. Daisy and I put tomato sauce and avocado in everything) to finish it off. Served with a cold glass of mango juice. I loved it. Oh, before I forget! There were bits and pieces of tu-fried eggs in it! I actually liked this, though their population was so sparse you had to keep digging the rice to spot one.

Summary: I loved this dish. A quick fix especially if you have left over rice and wondering what to do with it.

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Hi! My name is Lovine Christine Mboya. If you ask me to tell you about me, I would rather write about it, because I am still trying to find myself, and might need to edit and maybe change the whole script. I was born 23 years ago. I love life. I wish I was immortal. And then also have the power to heal people. Not just from physical pain, but mental, emotional. I am a daughter. A sister. A friend. A fierce lover. A girl on a mission. Easy. I laugh a lot. But that's because I find most things funny. Welcome to my blog!


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