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Right on time! That’s the first thing I have to say about this song. But then again, positive re-awakening messages on the political status of this country is never untimely, the drama never ends.

In this new song Holy Dave brings to our attention (hence ‘ushainotice’meaning ‘have you ever noticed?’) the political and life issues we deal with day to day, using the lyrics to explain the flaws in how we perceive the leaders we elect, and the politics surrounding their leadership. Here’s samples of the amazing messages in the song;

‘#Ushainotice wametuzoea ka tissue, but as a citizen what’s my role? Hiyo ndio issue..’

‘#Ushainotice issue ya Kenya sio Gava, sio polisi, ni POLICIES!..’

‘#Ushainotice everyone anataka barabara, but hatuchagui leaders barabara!..’

This is an election year, I think it is only appropriate that this song is played as many times as possible, across TV and radio stations in the country, with the youths on target. We need to reawaken.

As Holy Dave says, ‘Shida ya Kenya si poverty, shida ya Kenya ni mentality’

Click HERE to watch the video.

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