I have been listening to some new music lately, by amazing young Kenyan artists.  First, I have surprised myself because a few years ago, you would NEVER find me listening to hip-hop music. Who is this girl? I blame my campus housemate Daisy, who had Hip-hop running in her blood and transferred this craze to me.

Today I confidently play and enjoy Hip-hop all by myself!  And look at me even finding upcoming amazing artists to share with you!

Note; Not all the music you are about to sample is Hip-hop😉

They are;

  1. D_bleque

Omoooooosh! Aki I love this guy! Peruce, not in that way 😜 but your babe is churning out fire music! EISH! Aol.

No honestly, I can talk about D_bleque paragraph after paragraph. First starting by the fact  that I never knew, when we were still in campus, that this guy is interested in music! I never saw nor heard him come to class and do some freestyle, so it caught me by surprise that just as we were winding up our studies, he sends me a link to his music! That is not even the main shocker, I played the song, and I was SOLD! Or bought, haha. D_bleque is quality. Finesse. He’s about to cause massive waves in the rap scene in Kenya.  I said it. Wait for it.

Have a taste of him;

2. Myq Tweest

So my cousin Manu hits me up one day and says, hey! Listen to this song. It was Umenimurdah by Twist. I was busy at the time and never really got to open the link. Then a week later he shows up with friends at my place, and introduces one of them as Myq Twist. I catch myself just as I’m about to say, ‘I know you!’. I know he’s an artist, but I hadn’t yet got down to playing his music. They play it right then and there. I think Myq Twist has talent, and I love the fact that he’s churning out new music consistently. Consistency is key. It shows commitment. Here’s what he’s been up-to;

3. G-BOY

G-BOY works so hard, that I must give to him. I haven’t met a more focused, dedicated individual than this guy. Not just in his music, but generally  in all projects he undertakes. He schedules meetings, follows up and shows up. Please tell me what else a man has to do to show the gods he is ready and wiling! Song after song after song. I have been following. And G, you’ll get there J

Oh, he recently just collabo’d with a Zambian artist on a new song and I’m looking forward to the video for that! Sample Gboy here

4. Ben Cyco

I saw Ben in a YouTube video of a vlogger I follow, and I thought he’s cute. HE IS HER BOYFRIEND. That was all I knew of him then recently, I was watching TV and saw a familiar face saying, ‘You can now find my music on Viusasa’. What?! I know this guy! I thought. Of course, not personally. I tried to remember where’d I’d seen his face and remembered the girlfriend! First I was shocked that he sings! Since when? Second, GOSPEL MUSIC?! I quickly typed his name in my YouTube tab. Guys, he has GOOOD music! I understand he might not be an upcoming artist per se, but to me he is because I’d never heard of his music anywhere and I live in this country! Lol. He has been interviewed on KISS FM and HOT 96. Probably has received even more media coverage.  He deserves it. My favorite from him;


Who are you listening to currently? What do you think of these new artists? What would you recommend I listen to next?





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