One of my favorite media personalities, Adelle Onyango, in part captioned her first video for her YouTube channel in these words, ‘Put all fears aside. Work with what you have. START.

Powerful words that I officially adopted as my 2017 motto. In this light, I would like to appreciate and celebrate a person who has also started the journey of putting all fears aside, working with what he has, and START!

Emmanuel Ochieng’ has great passion and love for photography, but he doesn’t own a professional camera yet. But, he HAS a phone that has a camera, and he chose to START with what he has.

I share photos taken by his Samsung phone camera, photos I refused to believe were taken using an Android phone(they are so good 🙂 )

Here we go!





You’d love to see more? 🙂 Here we go!


And a last one 🙂


I’m still trying to figure what this last one is.. haha. If you understand the image please share details in the comments section below!

Otherwise, remember to; Put all fears aside. Work with what you have. START!

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