My name is Osbert Mwijukye. I am a Web Developer, Digital Media and Brand Communications junkie. I work with Uganda’s leading media house Vision Group as a New Media Executive and Web Developer. I also freelance as a web developer in my extra time.

Osbert(in white) at #CMSAFRICA18 in Kigali, Rwanda.

You recently attended CMS AFRICA SUMMIT held in Kigali, Rwanda, tell us about that… I have attended CMS Africa Summit from its first editions. As a young University student, I was seeking what direction my Computer Science career would take, and happened to learn about CMS Africa Summit during Joomla Day Uganda, 2014.  Fred Abunyanga, CEO Webstar Uganda, was talking about it and said he could talk to the founder, Jagero, on the possibility of a sponsorship. I immediately contacted Jagero myself and he was glad to support me.  This opportunity opened doors for me and I got to participate in the 2015 Joomla World Conference in India on a sponsorship. Events likes CMS Africa Summit are always a learning experience for me, and an opportunity to network and build new relationships.

This opportunity opened doors for me and I got to participate in the 2015 Joomla World Conference in India on a sponsorship.

I think social media is… important to brands for purposes of making sales, growing audiences, informing and educating the public. Also for entertainment purposes. I have been managing brand accounts for 5 years now, currently working as a Social Media/New Media Executive with Uganda’s leading Media house.

On Cyber Security… I think security measures to counter Cyber Attacks are created by human beings and so they can easily be breached by same humans. We are not really safe.

Life as a young person in Uganda… is a bit tough, just like anywhere else. Few job opportunities, high cost of living, and growing life demands. Many look forward to the white collar jobs but are not lucky. Truth is even those of us with those jobs don’t feel as lucky. We are battling financial frustration, dissatisfaction.  There is hardly any job that can satisfy all of one’s needs. I want to create opportunities for those coming after me, so no one feels the need to turn into criminal activities because they can’t get a white collar job.

I am proud of the fact that… I successfully finished School, and graduated with a First Class Degree in ICT. Also proud when I get positive client feedback on my work. I am happy when they are happy. Also happy about the opportunities that enabled me make friends across the globe, and still counting.

Osbert with his Dad on his graduation day.

Away from work… I enjoy networking, making new friends,, sharing knowledge and challenging myself.

What I love about Kenyan youth is… how they are very aggressive, innovative and resourceful. I appreciate the no need for a VISA to connect to Kenya and vice versa. We can work together and do so much!

Three words that describe me… optimistic, respectful, excellence!


***Osbert was one of the delegates at the the just concluded #CMSAfrica18, details of the summit coming up in next post!


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