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1. What’s the best thing about your job

That I get to do what I love! This is exactly what I have always wanted; to be at the forefront in writing stories that mater.

2. What time of the day do you function best

Nights! I hate having to work in the morning.

3. The worst meal you’ve ever eaten and who prepared it

HA! There was this time I was in 2nd year campus, doing a research job part –time, and one day went to a Lubao market with the team. Then it happened that I was convinced to eat some type of small, dried fish, hard as leather and bony. I tasted, and the fish was rotten. My stomach churns at the memory.

4. What’s one habit you wish people would drop

Pretending. In any form, anywhere.

5. If you were not a journalist, which two other careers would you pursue

Research- I have always liked fieldwork.

Theatre and Film- again, passion.

6. What do you like most about yourself

Everything. I don’t think there’s a component I can detach from myself and say I like better.

7. If you were not Kenyan, which country would you belong to

Kenya. I have never even thought of belonging anywhere else.

8. What are your talents

Well, there are things I am good at and I practice. There are those other people say I am good at but I don’t really enjoy doing. So I think for me, if I can do it, it’s my talent.

9. Happiness is..

…satisfaction. Either because a dream has been achieved, a journey has been successfully completed. Also, happiness is in simple things as the sweet fragrance of a flower, good company and a relaxed mind.

10. Favorite quote

You may laugh at an old man because you know what he is, but never laugh at a young man because you never know what they will become.


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