Holy Dave just released his latest song, #UshaiNotice, which I’ve linked at the end of this piece. But first, ten questions for him! 🙂 Let’s go!


1. Of your own songs, which is your favorite

Most definitely the newest one, ‘Ushai Notice’.

2. What’s the inspiration and message behind #UshaiNotice

The song is a wake-up call and prayer for Kenya. I talk about the current political state in our country and various social ills. I was angry at the current state of affairs and decided to write a wake-up call instead of waiting for things to get worse then start composing a piece song. However, there is hope, and I talk about that as well in the song.

3. What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you while performing

One time I was performing a song I had collabo’d with another artiste and when we got to verse 3 which was the verse I was to sing, the DJ mixed in yet another artiste’s song and the he walked up on stage and started performing which basically meant I had to walk off the stage.

4. What’s the nicest thing about you you’ve been told

Someone once told me that they had lost hope in life and were contemplating suicide but my music gave them hope and they now had a different outlook towards life. That was amazing.


5. What was your first pay and what did you do to earn it

Back in college I had a DJ kit which I once used to sample my skills at a school function and was paid KSH.5,000. I used the money to pay studio time for my second song.

6. What’s your bad habit

I’m insomniac. Also, I just can never find sleep easily at any given time. It takes me over an hour to finally fall asleep and that is probably after finding ways of inducing the sleep.

7. What’s your favorite quote

‘I have news for you, there’s no Superman’ (it’s up to us) ~ Tom Mboya

8. A fashion/style that you think people should drop

Drop caring what others think of what you wear. That’s it. Dress how you want!

9. What’s your personality type

In as much as I’m a public figure and display great energy in my music, I’m really an introvert.

10. What time of the day are you most alert

At night. I write a lot at night when my phone is quiet and I’m not getting constant notifications.


*If you are yet to watch #UshaiNotice by Holy Dave, find it HERE



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