Current Miss Kakamega County, and

Modelling Manager at Spirited Africa


1. What’s your pet peeve

This has to be people who automatically look down on others until they prove you are ‘someone’. I’ve met people who judging from the way they greet you, are not nice at all. Then after they realize how many crowns you carry on your head, they suddenly become nice. Why can’t you just be nice to people from the start? You can always be mean later!

2. Heels or flats

 Heels definitely. I can walk in six inch high heels an entire day without considering changing to flats. I own only three pairs of flat shoes.

3. What would be your living room’s theme color

Orange and green. I love how these two colors brighten up a room.

4. How many times a day, on average, do you flash out a mirror to check yourself out

Haha, surprisingly I am not really into constantly ‘checking myself out’. Judging by my profession you’d expect me to walk around with mirrors just to check and ensure everything’s good, but I don’t. I ensure everything’s great when I leave the house, and maybe in the course of the day if I need to change my lipstick.


5. Which food would you eat everyday without complaining/asking for a change

Bacon, sausages and passion juice.

6. What do you look for in a partner

Someone mature, God fearing, loving and hardworking. Everything else can come after.

7. What fashion style do you think is outdated and people should ditch

Sagging of trousers! Worse is grown men doing that! Arrgh!

8. How’s a day in your life like

My days are a mixture of busy and easy. I listen to Rich Morel, a US based musician’s recordings, then I edit the music and sell on iTunes and Amazon. Away from that, I involve myself in fashion and modeling, currently fashion manager with Spirited Africa. I love that I am passionate in everything I do.

9. What’s one thing about you that your friends don’t know

That I love God and I am a very prayerful person.

10. Which country would you love to visit

The US, especially Pawcatuck city and Las Vegas. I have been working for a US based musician for a while now and he’s been a good boss, so visiting the county and accompanying him to his concerts would be a lovely experience. 


Author’s comment: Walking in six inch high heels an entire day?! Like What the- Wow.

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