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1.What’s your phobia

 Heights. I can’t stand on grounds higher than 30 feet, I wouldn’t dare look down. I am actually comfortable travelling by flight, since that’s a moving object,  but being on any other high ground gives me the butterflies.

2.What do you think is the problem with millennials at the workplace today

Millennials don’t have a problem. They are born in a different world from other generations. They have different experiences that govern production and consumerism. It affects how they relate to work. It’s not a problem but a fortune if you know how to use it.

3.What food can you eat 7 days straight without complaining/asking for a change

Chapati with beans(chapo madondo) mixed with coconut

4.If you were not doing what you do, what alternative career would you be in

Public and motivational speaking. I do it part time though.

5.What do you look for in a partner


6.How is a day in your life like

I wake up at 3AM, do my prayers till 4. Get my MacBook for a little reading and confirm my day’s schedule. At 6AM I have my breakfast, spend time with my kids till 10AM. Then move to my second office. Meetings and work before I hit the gym at 5PM. Home by 6:15PM. I spend the rest of my evening with family. I find this experience very different from when I was an employee. I love that I have a lot of freedom.

7.Your favorite sports game

Rugby. I actually played the game back in campus at Bugema University.  #TeamKifaru

8.If you were not Kenyan, which other country would you belong to

The USA!  They are just so different from the rest of the world.

9.What’s your pet peeve

People who sit next to you in public transportation even when there are other seats available.

10.Favorite book/ music/ art

BOOK: The fastlane millionaire by J DeMarco

MUSIC: Make you smile by Brenda Russell

Art: visual artiste’s painting Cyrus Kabiru    

Writer’s addition: Fear of heights is called Acrophobia 🙂 Did you know?

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