Njoro Poet is a Nairobi based spoken word artist, who is using his gift to address real issues in the country. He has performed at Slam Africa, an experience he is extremely proud of as he got the opportunity at a very young age, and also considering he had just started out at performing his pieces.

Njoro is also passionate about acting, and looks forward to affirming his prowess in that field as well.

We were impressed by his deep, thought-provoking and emotional performance at Slam Africa, and had to ask him ten questions so we know him more.

Here we go;

1. Are you a spoken word artist or a poet? And, is there any difference between the two?
N- I am a spoken word artist, which is poetry, but freestyle poetry.

2. What inspires your writings and performances?
N- I feel there’s a lot happening in the society we live in that needs to be told, and especially told using forms of art. This will enable communication across the different masses.

3. How long have you been performing?
N- I started performing in February, and started writing my poetry in January this year. My first public performance was during street poetry a Agha Khan walk in Nairobi.

4. What’s your most memorable moment while performing?
N- One time I was performing and the audience was just snapping along, enjoying every bit of the performance. It feels great to know your message has been received, and received well.

5. What are some of the issues you address with your poetry?
N- I think I am flexible. I write poems on any agenda, from politics to child abuse to drug use. I address real issues happening in real time.

6. Who do you look up to in your field of art?
N– Locally, it’s Mufasa, Monk, and Teardrops. Internationally, I admire Witt Lowery and Harey Baker.

7. What do you do away from spoken word?
N- I am an actor.

8. How many works have you produced, including those you haven’t performed yet?
N- I have 3 pieces, one is on politics, the second is about Africa and the third is on child abuse.
See Njoro performing Mama Africa below…

9. What’s your favorite hangout joint?
N- Kenya National Theatre

10. What would you like to achieve with your work?
N- I want as as many people as possible to be aware of and appreciate spoken word.

You can watch Njoro’s amazing performance at Slam Africa HERE


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