He Qualifies The Called..


Hey! So I know this section of the blog is reserved for your submitted pieces, but I really wanted to talk about this and there’s only 5 main sections on the blog and they are all filled for this round of features so please let me? 😉 Aki thanks! Here goes;


A while back I got featured in a popular women’s magazine, and was very excited to share the news with friends and family, quick to ask them to grab a copy. I shared the feature on my Facebook, and of course well-meaning comments and DMs followed. One of the DMs was from a friend. She wrote, ‘It has happened for you so fast…’

For a moment I was a little taken aback, considering I had been trying my hand at blogging for about 3 years now, and at some point it was the only thing that I had going on for me.  Also considering that all through this period, it wasn’t making me any money, at least not directly, but I kept at it. I stayed put on the days I’ve had to wake up at 5AM to edit and publish posts, following up with interviewees to please send in the missing details in their stories, through the… okay, you get it. It has been a road far from smooth.

I could have been mad at her comment, I SHOULD have been mad. What do you mean ‘so fast’? But you know what, she was right.

It had happened for me fast, considering the many amazing writers, and bloggers, who could possibly be putting in more work than I do. Writers who, to the human eye, would have been more deserving for the feature. But you know what, that is exactly the mentality the Israelites in the Bible had when they heard that David was interested in fighting Goliath. In fact, Saul said, ‘You are only a young man, and he (Goliath) has been a warrior since his youth…’

What Saul did not know, was that in as much as David had not been training for THE BIG BATTLE against the Philistines with swords and amour and war songs for motivation, he had been fighting against big beasts in the wilderness as he took care of his father’s sheep.  And David said, ‘The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine…’

I wanted to write this Bible verse in reply to that DM, but it would have been rude, I think, so I let it go.

But this is it, God sees how hard you are trying. He sees how much you are putting in work. He knows what you go through; the early mornings or the late nights. The sweat and tears and worry, and giving up only to re-invent yourself all over again. He is there with you. He never sleeps, He never slumbers. When time comes for Him to reward His children, He looks at all of us with the same loving eyes and touches our lives with the same tender arms.

God might decide to hold this child’s hand today, and it doesn’t mean He does not see this other child, or will not hold their hand next. It is also doesn’t mean the one who, in our human eyes, is the most deserving will be the one called for the job. Life would have been more fair that way, I agree, looking back at all the opportunities I felt I was the best suited but wasn’t picked for.

What I’ve come to accept is that God has a different plan for each of us, and He will never assign an opportunity, or a job, or a role, that was meant for you, to someone else. It will not matter how more deserving the other person is, to our human eye. If He says it is David with his sling and rocks that will kill Goliath, then David it will be.

He will qualify you for the role, and by His Grace, enable you carry out the task.

My sister Vinn tells me this every time, life has no formula. If there was, then it would be just do your best, in every opportunity you get, and leave the rest to Him.



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