“Mmmh.” My voice is groggy and sleepy. My younger brother is shaking me trying to wake me up.


“Okay. Okay. Nimeamka. Sema!” I tell him as I sit up. I stifle a yawn and it’s obvious that I am irritated because he interrupted my evening nap.

“Amka uende job. Ni 6.”

That snaps me out of my sleepy state. I look at my watch trying to see what time it is. “What?!” It’s actually 6:34 p.m. Fuck.

I hurriedly change into my usual “work” clothes at the same time trying to go through my phone. Three missed calls from Doc! Two missed calls from my grandma! One missed call from my lecturer Mr. Kutahi!

“Fuck.” I mutter under my breath, tripping over a basin near the door as I’m trying to fit my ass into my skinny jeans.

Within five minutes, I am already rushing out of the door in a confused state. “Ukumbuke nataka kitabu kesho!.” My sister shouts from the kitchen where she is preparing supper, Uji. “Na hakuna pesa ya makaa!” She adds but I choose to ignore that. Damn you responsibilities.

Luckily for me, I manage to hitch a ride as soon as I step outside. “Good work bitch.” I compliment myself. That’s when I realise that I haven’t carried a condom. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I repeatedly curse under my breath. Today I am officially messed up. I text doc asking if he got some.

Me: No condoms today. You got some?

His response comes immediately:

Doc: As usual girl. Now get your ass over here.

I let out a sigh of relief. At the tender age of twenty, I can’t risk being pregnant or catching any sexually transmitted disease since I have three siblings to take care of, a bitchy grandmother to constantly keep in place, a dying father to always wash and feed and an unstable university student who needs constant emotional care and attention; me.

The ride to Kitsuru is slow and uneventful and in no time, I’m lost I my own thoughts.


“Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap!…”

The sounds of him pounding into me fills the room mingling with his hideous groans of pleasure. Another hand hits my exposed butt cheek with a whip. An eerie laugh follows. Muffled voices and the sound of music can be heard in the background.

“Thap! Thap! Thap!”

His thrusts grow harder and faster. It’s my first time having an anal and the pain is threatening to tear me apart. My eyes are watering and my breathing is laboured. My vision is blurry and an incessant buzz fills my ears.

Pain. Real excruciating pain runs through my back but I try not to cry. My ass is already smarting. This is what I get paid for. To be beaten for cash. To be fucked for cash.

A single tear runs down my cheek. I always hear that people are supposed to moan in pleasure or utter whatever shit they always say when coming and yet here I am, crying instead.

Bile rises to my throat and my whole life plays itself in front of me.

I see an image of my frail father. His  weak and emaciated body lying on a hospital bed, wasting away with each passing day. ” Beryl, work hard and go to university.” He keeps telling me. Take a look at where I am. University indeed.

I replay for the umpteenth time the day my boyfriend left. Me on my knees, crying, begging him to stay. “Sorry Beryl. We can’t do this. I love someone else.” He tells me while avoiding my eyes, his hand cold and foreign on my cheek.

I see my younger siblings’ struggles. How they try to pay attention in class while their stomachs are grumbling in protest. How they trod along the dusty paths that lead to our house, books weighing them down, their spirits crushed. “Si lazima hata niende shule.” My younger brother quips. My sister nods in agreement.

I relive my best friend’s betrayal again. How my heart lurched in pain seeing her in his bed. How I almost vomited when I heard how she moaned his name. How I cried when I heard him confess his love for her. I almost died. “You couldn’t keep him well. Bitch.” She tells me in a mocking voice before kissing him in front of me.

I remember Mr. Kutahi. My Linguistics lecturer. “Beryl Opiyo! Your grades are dragging behind. If you don’t catch up with the others in class, I will have to give you a resit!”  “Ooh no doc. I can’t afford a resit now. I’ll do anything to make up for the lost time.” “Anything eeh?”  “Yes”  I nod meekly. In no time I am bent over my knees, faking moans, trying my very best to hide my disgust. In no time, it is over. “You know what to do next time you miss a unit.” He tells me while adjusting his shirt…

“Get up.”

A voice snaps me out of my temporary stupor. It’s Doc. We all call him Doc. Or well, maybe I do. Whether he is a doctor by profession, I can’t tell. He helps me to my feet and proceeds to lead me towards the middle of the room. His hands immediately go to my breasts. “Doc. I’m tired” I silently protest. “I don’t want to fuck you.” His voice, cold and emotionless hits me hard causing me to flinch.

He turns me around several times, clinically examining me. Poking here and there. Pinching my nipples. Patting my ass. Cum drips from my thighs and I feel dirty and used but what can I expect? I am a whore.

He playful squeezes my nipples again. “Well at least this commodity is intact.” He jokes causing an uproar of laughter from three men sprawled out on the bed,stark naked.

I remember how humiliated I used to feel when these “boys” did this to me; stripping me naked and examining me like a cheap item after fucking me several times but being the big girl I am now, I am unfazed. It’s part of my routine. It’s part of the dirty life that I chose but then again, did I have any choice?

Doc grabs my shoulder and tugs my hair. “Now go get cleaned up or something. You reek like a damned outhouse.”

I hide my embarrassment by putting on a false smile that doesn’t reach up to my eyes. Gathering my clothes that are scattered all over, I leave the room without a backward glance.

“Save that pussy for tomorrow baby.” Big D calls out.

Another burst of disgusting laughter.

I silently close the door before sinking to the ground and letting them sobs rack up my body. God knows I hate doing this but what choice do I have? The man above had already decided that I am better off selling my vagina for a living than finishing off my degree at the university and well, shit happens.

I am too tired to hit the shower. I pad across the corridor, fully aware that I am stark naked and head over to the kitchen to pour myself a drink. A young girl who is almost the same age as mine is giving head to a man old enough to be her father, faking her moans exactly as she was taught.

Ignoring them, I pour myself a glass of Jack Daniels and settle down on the kitchen table to smoke and drink my thoughts away. I sit like this for what seems like hours. My drink, which remains untouched, is already warm. I gulp down it down, happily welcoming the familiar feeling of alcohol burning through my chest, giving me the calm I so badly need.

My peaceful meditation session is immediately broken by raised voices coming from the living room. Not being one interested in call girl drama, I intentionally ignore them and go back to smoking my cigarette although I can clearly hear their conversation.

“I want my money you pig!” A female voice shrieks. It must be Vera. The ultimate drama queen.

“Don’t you ever call me a pig you whore!” A male voice replies. Wait is that Doc’s voice?

“I can fucking call you whatever the fuck I want! Now pay me, I got people to feed!” Vera retaliates back.

“Why don’t you use your vagina to feed them?!” He asks her in a sarcastic voice.

“Wow!” I exclaim as I blow out a thick cloud of smoke.

“Bastard!”she screams and I hear someone slap the other. Hard.

By this time, my curiosity has gotten the better part of me and I am already in the living room, dressed in my t-shirt, huddled together with my fellow call girls. The look on our faces is full of fright. Just like me, it’s obvious that they feel that Vera has crossed the actual line.

“I pay you to fuck my clients and not to humiliate me you little slut!” Doc shouts at her while pulling out a gun. I know that Vera is afraid but she refuses to show it. Instead, she holds her ground and stands in front of Doc, watching him intensely.

I have this irresistible urge to fall on my knees and beg him on her behalf but my ego is bigger than my fears and so I remain standing where I am. Yes. I am a coward.

“You want to kill me? Kill me if you are man enough!” Vera shouts at the doctor.

“Vera n…” I start to speak but one of the girls quickly covers my mouth with her hand.

“You will only make this worse. Please.” She whispers in my ear. I nod in agreement and she uncovers my mouth.

Vera and Doc are in a staring match. No one seems to be intimidated by the other. The tension in this room is suffocating.


Doc fires his gun and Vera falls on the floor, blood pouring out from her mouth and nose. Terrified call girls are now screaming hysterically but Big D has them under control in less than a minute.

This is too much. I can’t handle this.

I take one last look at Vera before heading towards the kitchen to gather my stuff and get out of here. I don’t even bother to say goodbye to doc. I am too tired. My bones are aching and my ass is smarting. I need a cold shower and some good rest.

“You will receive your payment through mpesa Beryl.” Doc shouts behind me. I don’t bother to answer back.

I walk out of the door, not giving in to the temptation of wanting to take one last look behind. It’s dark outside. The air is cold and bitter. I’m freezing so I wrap my arms around myself trying to keep warm. I want to cry but emotionally, I am too exhausted to shed a tear.

My phone buzzes in my pocket. A text from Rita.

“Vera amekufa”

“Najua. Niliona”


I let out a defeated sigh. I am tired and it’s the type of being tired that even sleep won’t help.

This street is deserted. No signs of an oncoming motorbike or car.

I stand in the cold as I wait for any vehicle to pass by.


Just another day in the life of a CALL GIRL.


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